About LYA

Larry York Aviation, LLC was founded in 2003 by Larry York, company owner and director of training. The company follows the philosophy “there is no one-size fits all training”.

LARRY YORK, LYA Owner and Director of Training


LYA Owner and Director of Training

Larry has taken his 30+ years experience to found a training organization that provides training at the highest level, tailoring the training to meet each student’s needs based on experience, background and knowledge.

He has over 8,000 hours total flight time, including 7,000 hours as a CFI, and 2,000 hours of Turbo-Prop flight time in:

  • King Air (90, A90, B90, C90, E90, F90, 100, A100, B100, 200)
  • Turbo Commander (680W, 681, 690, 690A, 690B, 840, 900,1000)
  • Conquest (425, 441)

Prior to forming his own training organization, Larry trained hundreds of pilots from industry-leading organizations including United Airlines, the Texas State Senate, Contract Freighters, Eagle Creek Aviation, Nebraska Public Power, Thousand Trails, Midatlantic Jet Charter, Contran Corp, Amsoil, Duncan Drilling and Allied Medical.

While instructing at CAE-Simuflite Center in Grapevine, Texas from 1997 to 2003, Larry was the program supervisor. He trained and managed a staff of nine instructors; implemented training programs for six models of aircraft, bringing the programs from concept to completion; and provided Initial Recruitment training in 25 different models of corporate aircraft.

For 19 years, he was the Chief Flight Instructor for Flight Proficiency Service, Inc. at Dallas Love Field. He operated nationally-recognized training programs for popular Cabin-Class Twin-engine aircraft as well as developed and taught Initial and Recurrent Training courses for all models of King Air 90 and 100 Series and 200, Cessna 340 and 400 Series and Turbo Commander 690 Series and was recognized and approved by many major aviation insurance companies.

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  • Gold Seal Flying Instructor
  • ATP
  • Member, Aviation Insurance Association
  • Member, AOPA
  • Recognized by the FAA as a Wright Brothers Master Pilot

Larry York is recognized and approved by the following insurance companies:

  • U.S. Specialties
  • London Aviation
  • W. Brown & Associates

If you do not see your insurance carrier listed, contact us with the company information, and we will obtain approval from them.

BARRY LANE, Instructor Pilot


Instructor Pilot

As a third generation aviator, flying is in his blood. Unlike previous generations in his family, his aviation education and experience has been entirely civilian. His memories of the Commander stretch back to his childhood when he would see them at the local muni while dreaming and scheming of how to get the first hour of dual.

Barry started his flight training in 1990 and soloed that same year. After graduating college, he went to work in marketing management in corporate America. He was challenged and was having fun, but he knew he would regret it if he didn’t fulfill his lifetime dream of aviation for a living.

In 2001, he took a leap of faith; left his corporate job and earned his Multiengine Land/Commercial Single Engine ATP and CFI Instrument Airplane/Single and Multiengine Land ratings. He began his new career giving primary, advanced, multiengine, aerobatic and upset flight training. He went on to Part 135 charter, air ambulance transportation and contract flying, anything he could get his hands on.

In 2003, he began instructing on the Turbo Commander, as well as on the King Air, at CAE Simuflite. He finally realized his childhood dream of flying a Commander as a contract pilot which led to his current position as Chief Pilot of the flight department for an energy company based in Dallas, TX.

They have utilized Larry York Aviation LLC as a valued part of their training program over the years. Having experienced the high quality training offered, he is pleased to join Larry York Aviation LLC as an instructor with 6,800 total flight hours and more than 2,500 hours as an instructor.

STAN MEEKER, Instructor Pilot


Instructor Pilot

Aviation is Stan’s passion and he enjoys providing a professional approach to both flying and instructing. He has over 8,000 total flight hours and over 3,000 hours as an instructor.

In addition to being a Citation Mustang Jet Charter Pilot, he also flies as an Air Attack Pilot contracted to the US Forest Service in both Turbo Commander and King Air.

In 2010, he flew numerous Turbo Commander Spotter aircraft during the Deep Water Horizon operation, reporting location, size, percentages of workable oil, ordering resources, directing them to, and on scene as well as documenting effectiveness.

At the same time they were working the oil spill, the company also brought in Larry York Aviation to conduct Turbo Commander training; Initial Training for new pilots and Recurrent Training for existing pilots. Stan was impressed with the quality of the training materials and the training approach Larry exhibited. Shortly after this training in 2010, Stan joined Larry as a contract instructor.