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Larry York Aviation, LLC follows the philosophy "there is no one-size fits all flight training." Our training methods ensure that we provide what you need to be a more proficient pilot. Our goal is to help you meet your goals.

We train you in your airplane.

For many pilots, simulators are the traditional training method. The simulators and flight training devices for your airplane are generally equipped with older-technology avionics and do not match your airplane.

We believe that there's no better training platform than the aircraft you fly, so we train you in your airplane. This allows you to become proficient and confident with your equipment.

We tailor your training to your specific needs.

Our hands-on approach to training has been proven for over 30 years. We take into consideration your specific requirements so you can accomplish your goals and improve your skills.

We evaluate your specific needs before and during training. Whether you need an introduction to your airplane, or need to refine your skills in Recurrent Training, we will evaluate your performance and help you meet your needs. During training, we continuously evaluate your progress and advise you as to how to refine your skills.

We are professional instructors and flying is our career.

Flight instructors must meet minimum FAA requirements. Our Instructor Pilots far exceed the minimum. Because we fly in your model airplane, we are intimately familiar with all of its details. We know your airplane.

Being professional pilots with thousands of hours, we teach because we love it. We are not trying to build time at your expense; rather, we live, eat and breathe flying, and our love of flying compels us to share with you.

You are the focus. You will never feel we are trying to show you how good we are; we always strive to help you achieve your best.


Gold Seal Flying Instructor

Gold Seal Flight Instructor


ATP (Airline Transport Pilot)

Member, Aviation Insurance Association

Member, Aviation Insurance Association

Member, AOPA

Member, AOPA


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U.S. Specialties

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